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ANDI Instructor Trainer:

Constantin "Costa" Benedic

ANDI Instructor Trainer L3 #170 (SafeAir - Normoxic Trimix)

OWSI L1- AOWI L2 - CSI L2 -TSI / TTI L3 - Technical SM L3

Exploration Trimix L5 Instructor (L1-L5 Diver)

Technical Trimix Wrecks L3 Instructor (L1-L3 Diver)

Rebreather JJ-CCR L2 Instructor (L2 Diver)

Gas Blender Instructor

O'Dive Doppler Instructor

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ANDI Instructor:

Gabriel Ungureanu

ANDI Technical SafeAir Instructor L3 #10151

Open Water SCUBA Instructor L1,

Complete SafeAir Instructor L2,

SideMount Instructor L2

Technical SafeAir Instructor L3

Rebreather JJ-CCR L2 Instructor

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